Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Want To Make Money, Do You?

I Want To Make Money, Do You?

I've watched people stay down and in a low depressed state of mind because they're unhappy with their financial situations yet they lack the ability to see that it's in their power to change it.

I know someone who's unemployed with 3 kids, in eviction court every month and no car but a storage room full of nice older items that she will never ever have use for again so I asked her if she'd be interested in learning how to sell those items on eBay to make some money and she said yes.

I showed her how to take the pictures and even took some of them for her, then I showed her how to research so she could set successful start prices because if you're not familiar with selling on eBay that can be tricky. Then I showed her how to write great descriptions and she got the hang of that pretty good.

She made a few sales at or above her desired prices but she only sold about 10 items and then quit. Being the ambitious type "A" person that I am, that completely baffled me. I'm like how can you sit around all day feeling sorry for yourself instead of taking action to control your own destiny, especially when you have a family to support?

She's not the only one with those problems though especially since the USA fell into the economic black hole and people started losing their jobs. The more and more our technology advances those problems could continue to happen no matter what your profession is, sooner or later they'll build a robot or a machine that can replace you. My question to you is, Will You Be Ready?

Will you have enough money to retire with, do you have any other money-making skills? Do you have a financial plan "B" and "C"?

I'd like to contradict the phrase "money can't make you happy", because having enough money or an abundance of money to be able to buy whatever you need without a second thought will give you "peace of mind" and it will contribute to you being happier.

If you're asking yourself "How Can I Make Money?" or "How To Make Money At Home?" you're definitely not alone.

So listen up!! I know you may be thinking this is a blog about learning how to sell on eBay but it's not, that was just an example. It's about doing what YOU need to do to take control of your own destiny.

Having previously done amazing things at large companies (eBay Powerseller, $5M Club Real Estate Agent, Marriott International, Trader Publishing Company, Dept of Defense) just to name a few, in addition to my degree in Business Administration, I know what I know what I know and that is.... if you want to be prosperous and relieve yourself of financial worries you have to fix it now.

I suggest trying Covert Commissions, click the banner below, I bought it and so far, so good. It's chock full of helpful info for a true set it and forget it system. The awesome training program got me on page 1 of Google, that's my post 3rd from the bottom and it only took a couple of hours after I posted it.

I wish you much success, prosperity, excellent health, happiness and all good in your lives.