Monday, March 2, 2015

Make Money Writing About Stuff You Like

I want to find people with many different hobbies, specialties or just stuff that you like to talk about.

 I will assign only one person per source so there won't be any confusion with the payments, I'll post and promote it as well.

 The only thing you'll need to do is very similar to what I'm doing now. Write a post/article/story/video/pictures and post it to one of my blogs or websites a couple of times a week. They don't all have to be long posts, just interesting, informative and/or captivating.

You'll get paid 50% of my profits. The links will have your name embedded in a tracking code to keep track of the accounting.

You can choose more than one topic or blog if you'd like, I have plenty of advertisers and sponsors to promote.

How can you signup? Send your name, email address and the topic you like to talk about

The fine print-you MUST be 18, you will be self employed as a contractor so you're responsible for your taxes. No posts/pics/videos about politics, religion or racism and no violent or illegal content please.